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VISMAN is a Visitor Management System designed and supported by ZECONS.The product is made to address the demand in the industry to auomate the issue of visitor pass and keep permenant record of the visitors.The same is insisted by the various enforcement agencies and had become need of the hour.

The VISMAN designed by us takes the photograph of the visitor using web camera and prints the same int he visitor pass along with all other visitor details.The format is as follows:

All the above details including the visitor photo is kept in the data base as permanent record.Details of visitors in standard report form is available.Additional reports can be customised as per user requirement under customisation.

The standard data base used is MS Access.Optionally Oracle/SQL server can be used.VISMAN-Intra is a web based software.Here the visitor details can be intimated in advance by the visited officials through internet.Provision is available for smart card based access control system so that visitor movement is restricted only to specific date and hours.

Installation Reference :

  • Nuclear power corporation (India) Ltd, Kaiga - Visman
  • ISRO, Head Quarters, Bangalore Visman - Intra

Time & Attendance

The Time & Attendance solutions offered includes complete range of hardware, software, consumables, on-site installation, warranty support & AMC solutions.


Access Control

The Access Control solution is provided using combination of ONLINE / OFFLINE readers. The readers could be of Smart card (13.56 Mhz) / Proximity card (125 KHz) / Barcode / Biometric based.


Customer services

Site study with respect to installation of T&A systems and Access Control Systems.


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Quality Certification

Quality Certification

We are certified by NQA-UK for ISO 9001: 2008 standards for our quality standards adopted in complete operations related to design, development, manufacture, supply and after sales support

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